what we did

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) owns and operates Awoonga Dam on the Boyne River along with a network of delivery pipelines, water treatment plants and other bulk water distribution infrastructure in the Gladstone region here in Central Queensland. In response to falling water levels at Awoonga Dam and three failed wet seasons, the GAWB Team tendered for a local creative marketing agency to create an initiative that would raise the profile of water security in the Gladstone Region for a period of 6 to 12 months. Elevate Media was successful in the tender process and quickly got to work, here’s what we did.

The Brief: In summary, to build awareness of water conservation throughout the entire region focusing on four key campaign objectives.

Objective 1: Awareness
Highlight the need to save water to the Gladstone community.

Objective 2: Consideration
Help Gladstone residents understand their role in water saving efforts.

Objective 3: Act
Highlight the type of water conservation behaviours they need to adopt.

Objective 4: Behaviour Change
Remind Gladstone residents to save water, embedding  long-term behaviour change.

The Product: Elevate Media has been responsible for developing the Our Water campaign from creating and managing an online education and awareness platform to establishing an Instagram presence. Our in-house creative team handled everything from branding and design to content curation, animation and printing. Educational workbooks and promotional materials were supplied to local schools with clever and useable tools for the whole family to get involved with. A custom ‘Our Water – Shower’ Spotify playlist was created aimed at children 3-8 years of age to assist in reducing shower time. Digital marketing has been key for this campaign along with traditional advertising which will continue into the future, raising awareness and educating our community on the importance of water conservation. 

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